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Smart Meter Hyprocrites!
The UK government via our “friends” at the EU Commission, are spending billions on smart meters. At a time when the NHS (from what the lazy journalists tell us) is short of every penny. Yet the benefits of smart meters are very questionable, and again radio amateurs are in the firing line of badly implemented technology.

Smart meters enable continuous monitoring of everyone’s consumption. But why do the power companies and authorities need to know? Surely the overall consumption of a geographical area is far more useful information than that of a single customer? There is no justification for them to collect this information, or any indication what they or anyone else want to do with it. No indication what they are giving us in exchange for it either.

Energy suppliers, especially the big 6, are only out to extract money from consumers. Their enthusiasm for smart meters indicates they stand to gain from them, rather than “benefit the customer”. They send out letters scaring people to have them fitted. Since they give customers no co-operation, we should give them none either. You can save far more by switching suppliers than a few pennies a day by switching off a light, then falling over in the dark!

The accuracy of smart meters is probably worse than older meters for at least two reasons. Firstly, they are set to charge you for the harmonics of your power, rather than the fundamental frequency (50Hz). As few devices are resistive loads, this can amount to a significant percentage increase in power bills for device like LED lights.

Secondly, there is no EMC standard for smart meters, yet. Some have been shown to fail commonly applied residential and commercial radiated and conducted EMC standards, such as IEC61000-4-6. Radio Amateurs may find their meters sending incorrect data if they transmit. In the presence of noise such as IEC61000-4-4 the meters may also give inaccurate readings.

So as you guess, I’m not having a smart meter fitted until it becomes legally binding. From 2020 suppliers will get penalties for not installing them - I suggest we as customers resist all the more and let the companies pay the penalties, hoping they don’t increase our bills. The whole Smart Meter thing looks like the EU elite in league with the power companies, and consumers stand to be squeezed again, let alone the money which could have been spent better elsewhere.

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