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Last update: Small updates to antenna pages.

I'm running an online receiver from my QTH:
Online receiver link

I shall continue tradition and find something to moan about on my front page…

Bloody Ritty!
Why is RTTY still such a popular mode on HF? It dominates the data sections of most bands, and often wipes out other modes. There are much better modes out there now, so it’s about time the contesters moved over to use those.

Radio manufacturers are largely to blame as they don’t seem to have caught up with the times yet. So many radios offer RTTY mode and if you’re lucky PSK31. PSK31 is not good for fast contest operation, so we’re back to the spectrum hogging RTTY again. This problem is secondary in my opinion to the amount of splatter on bands like 40/20m where so many people run their amplifiers at 110%.

My amateur radio details are listed at
QRZ.com. My locator in the world is IO90LU, Cosham near Portsmouth, as shown in this map:

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The other website that I manage is: www.sortedentertainments.com

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