UPDATED 20161231

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I should continue tradition and find something to moan about on my front page…

Internet of Things (IoT)
The next big thing is supposedly the Internet of Things. YAWN! A big database of devices permanently connected. Every website of every large semiconductor company proclaims they are at the forefront of it… with such life enhancing devices as:

  • A garden sprinkler that can be switched on remotely
  • Online socks with GPS that can't get lost, but can't be washed!
  • An online mousetrap that never caught a single mouse
  • A device to detect knocking on a table and switch on a coffee maker

The big technology companies have been on the IoT bandwagon for ages now. It looks more appropriate with the letters "ID" in front. There are so many things left to invent…

  • A better battery?
  • Room temperature superconductor?
  • Small HF antenna?

The last one is my own research project, and a damned sight more interesting than the IoT.

My amateur radio details are listed at
QRZ.com. My locator in the world is IO90LU, Cosham near Portsmouth, as shown in this map:

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The other website that I manage is: www.sortedentertainments.com