M0RZF Amateur Radio Station
Updated 2024130
Last update: Front page, several files relinked.
I'm running a kiwiSDR online receiver: Online receiver link

My email - rob@@@m0rzf.co.uk (you know hat to do with the @s)

Eventual update coming!
This site has languished for years. A major update will happen at some point, I am far from idle!

My life changed last year when my father passed away and left his house to me. A large amount of work was done that took 8 months to complete. A few good skills were learnt, which was not a waste of time, but is not what I do best.

In the background I’m working on electronics projects including the long delayed MRF101 amplifier, a 10m class-E prototype, and a universal add-on board for the KiwiSDR receiver. How long this will take is unknown. A large number of things remain to do after last year.

My amateur radio details are listed at
QRZ.com. The Maidenhead locator in the world is IO90LU, Cosham near Portsmouth, and FYI I buy from Mick’s Monster Burgers twice a year, as shown in this map:

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This website founded 1997.
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